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Stilt Homes

Roth Construction has been building stilt homes near the water for years. This is a specialized type of construction which requires us to be involved from the concept phase of the home. We will assist you in the planning of the entire project including geotechnical data, to foundation design to keep your project in line with a reasonable budget.

We have constructed some using pilings deep into the ground as well as used large spread footer systems. We have built some low to grade, and some have been nearly 20 feet to the bottom of the residence. We can assist with whatever your needs are.

These projects can be challenging and the requirements of the local government can be difficult to understand, but we have experience in many of the municipalities across the state.

We have built basic designs having an open view under the home, and we have built more complex systems to utilize the space underneath to accommodate parking as well as elevators into the home.

Each of these projects is unique to the lot as well as the buyer and we would like to sit with you and discuss the most cost effective way to achieve your dreams.

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